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I want people to call me and say that they want to hang out.
it's been awhile, like people have forgotten about me.
i guess i should make the effort also. i need to divide the time i spend with my
friends and the time i spend with Alex evenly, because right now i'm neglecting
my friends.
That explains why most of the pictures of me, i guess.

Anyway, oddly enough, my mom broke her elbow. So I'll be helping her.

by:lindsay ^
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2 best friends
1 best boyfriend

I wake up every morning from a bad dream and it's really hard to go back to sleep.

new tat soon (:

come home
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Today I realized how many people I know and like in this town. That's the one and only thing I
actually like about this town. :)

i luv you a.d.
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I really, really like animals. especially this cutie.
I miss her a lot. all well, the lady sent alex and i
40$ to Outback Steak house for finding and returning her.

Sooo, Saturday night was pretty chill.
hope everyone had at least a little bit of fun.
...Anyway, back to school tomorrow. Spring Break was aight.
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