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"People who have no or low self-control share common traits. First, they seem to have an unwillingness or inability to defer gratification. Given a choice between getting five dollars today or fifteen dollars if they wait sixty days, they’ll take the five dollars today. They also get immediate gratification when the thrill of risk is immediate. They consider committing risky criminal acts to be exciting and thrilling. People with weak self-control get immediate gratification through behavior that is not illegal, too—smoking, drinking, gambling, and engaging in unprotected sex with strangers. Second, they lack diligence, tenacity, and persistence in a course of action. They prefer actions that are simple and easy, such as getting money without working or obtaining sex without establishing a relationship. They tend to have poor work records, high rates of absenteeism when employed, unstable marital and family relationships, and other problems caused by an unwillingness to “work” at life. At school, they usually learn little and quit early. They lack all skills that require practice and training—they won’t know how to fix a car or play a trumpet. Finally, people with a lack of self-control are selfish. Self-centered, indifferent, and insensitive to the suffering and needs of others, they impose loss and suffering on others.
They wreak havoc on all in their path without a qualm."
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